Blockchain to Drive Climate and Development Impacts at Scale


Innovate 4 Climate Workshop in Frankfurt on 24 May 2018 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) are emerging as a force to transform the way climate action happens. This was…

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The implementation challenge: sustainability solutions for infrastructure and extractives in emerging markets


EMSD Workshop in Mexico City on 19 and 20 April Investments in infrastructure and the extractive industries can be a powerful engine for sustainable growth and development. When poorly planned…

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Green Assets Wallet - Alpha Phase Completed


Stockholm Green Digital Finance convened a Green Assets Wallet partners' meeting, hosted by Öhman, in Stockholm late March 2018. Purpose of the meeting was to conclude the Alpha Phase of…

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EPF organises the Think Week 2017: “Value Chains and the Future of Work in the Digital Age – Opportunities for Emerging Economies”


Digitalisation: Opportunities for Greener and More Inclusive Value Chains in Emerging Markets The impact of digitalisation is growing, not least in emerging markets: Whether it is renting a shared bicycle…

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EMSD appointed as Strategic Partner to the T20 Argentina


With a 2-day Kick-off Conference on 1-2 February 2018, the Think20 (T20) – the think tank engagement group of the G20 – launched its work under the Argentinian Presidency. Ten…

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Second W20-Dialogue Forum – EMSD Presents Study Results on Digitalisation Effects


The second W20 Dialogue Forum took place in Berlin, where various German women associations jointly reflected on the results and the diverse experiences of the international women’s dialogue following the…

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EMSD is a network of change agents and decision makers from think tanks, multinational corporations, and the financial sector. Our members jointly develop and implement solutions for sustainable economic development in emerging economies through consultation, dialogue, and research. We bring these solutions into national and international fora, contributing to the global sustainability transition and the protection of global public goods.

Global EPF-EMM Summit_mission


The sustainable development of the world economy, financial stability and the protection of public goods are at the forefront of today’s global challenges. Countries and the global community struggle to define standards for the quality of growth, both in ecological and social respects that help increase well-being.

Global EPF-EMM Summit_9040_mission


Emerging economies are at the core of those challenges: By increasingly engaging in global processes, their policy decisions and economic and financial trajectories are bound to have major global implications. Through their increasing engagement and weight in global processes, they have a tangible impact on successful outcomes. At the same time, their domestic economies and policies are influenced by and need to adapt to global developments and international standards and regimes.

The Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues seek to open up new and strengthen already existing channels for cooperation and dialogue between emerging and industrialised economies on sustainable policy, business, and finance.


The Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues (EMSD) network comprises the Economic Policy Forum (EPF), the Emerging Market Multinationals (EMM) Network for Sustainability, and the Emerging Markets Dialogue Financial Sector (EMDF).

Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues (EMSD)

EMSD comprises three dialogue platforms and networks, fostering knowledge exchange and creation between diverse actors from emerging and industrialised economies. The Economic Policy Forum (EPF), the Emerging Market Multinationals (EMM) Network for Sustainability and the Emerging Markets Dialogue Financial Sector (EMDF) seek to contribute to innovative economic policy making, sustainable business development, and financial stability/green finance. Commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH facilitates and supports these three platforms in a coordinating and secretarial role.

Emerging Market Multinationals (EMM) Network for Sustainability

The Emerging Market Multinationals Network for Sustainability (EMM Network) is a swiftly growing network of leading sustainability managers and executives of multinational companies that are based or operating in emerging economies. Jointly, they work on developing and implementing progressive sustainability and environmental standards, and turning them into successful business solutions that benefit the companies, their customers, stakeholders, and the environment. The EMM network ensures that the insight from these business solutions feeds into global fora and processes such as the OECD, G20, World Economic Forum, etc.

Economic Policy Forum (EPF)

EPF is a growing global network of the world’s leading political economy think tanks from emerging and industrial economies, such as the BRICS, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam and other countries. Its strategy and policy papers are produced for governments and national policy-makers to inform national and international policy processes. In this vein, EPF has been contributing to the BRICS Academic Forum, the official track-II coordinators of the annual BRICS summit. It also works on specific socio-economic themes for the G20, and has fed its policy proposals and research findings into the COP21 and Munich Security Conference. Its goal is to better inform domestic and global economic policies with evidence-based policy recommendations.

Emerging Markets Dialogue on Finance (EMDF)

The Emerging Markets Dialogue on Finance brings together emerging market stakeholders from ministries of finance, central banks, stock exchanges, private investors, or international organizations such as the G20 Financial Stability Board. Jointly, they develop solutions for the most prominent challenges in the financial sector, complementing existing processes such as the BRICS or the G20 meetings on a working level. It strives to enhance the capacity of financial institutions and governmental agencies in emerging markets to advance financial stability, and green growth. Currently, there are two core dialogues being conducted by EMDF, on financial sector stability and on green finance.


Our global team is based in China, Germany, and Mexico.
The EMSD is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

Brigitte Klein

Global Programme Director
Eschborn, Germany

Brigitte heads the Emerging Market and Sustainability Dialogues (EMSD) Programme at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) in Eschborn. Before joining EMSD, Brigitte headed the Sector Project Global Initiative for Access to Insurance. In this role, she was responsible ...

Antje Uhlig

Lead – Sustainable Business Solutions, Lead – Sustainable Economic Policy
Berlin, Germany

Antje is the Director of the Economic Policy Forum (EPF) and also serves as the Director of the Emerging Market Multinationals (EMM) Network for Sustainability. Prior to her current role, she was a GIZ seconded expert and strategic consultant within the global partnership unit of the Observer ...

Yannick Motz

Lead – Sustainable Finance
Eschborn, Germany

Yannick is a financial sector specialist at GIZ. He leads the Emerging Markets Dialogue on Finance (EMDF) and the Strategic Alliance on Green Bond Market Development in G20 Emerging Economies, a public-private partnership with the Swedish bank SEB. In his previous position, Yannick advised various ...

Stefanie Zinsmeyer

Lead - Digital Finance, Lead - Digital Economy
Eschborn, Germany

Stefanie works at the intersection of technology and sustainability and leads the Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues’ (EMSD) work on digital economy and digital finance. Stefanie has 10 years of experience in international development cooperation. She has been working in the international ...

Cinderella von Dungern

China Coordinator
Beijing, China

Cinderella works for the GIZ as China coordinator for the Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues Programme. She has rooted her professional career in the finance sector. She studied business administration with a major in banking and finance at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). During ...

Qi Lan

Senior Project Manager – Sustainable Finance
Beijing, China

Lan supports the Emerging Markets Dialogue on Finance (EMDF) as expert. Prior to that, she was heading diverse projects in the financial sector, including the Asset and Equity Market Reform Project and the Sino-German Financial Stability Project in partnership with the People’s Bank of China ...

Chen Qian

Project Coordinator – Finance and Administration
Beijing, China

Qian supports the Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues (EMSD) in the fields of contract, financial and administrative management for Emerging Market Multinationals (EMM) Network for Sustainability and is also responsible for financial issues of the Economic Policy Forum (EPF) and the Emerging ...

Diego Angelino

Project Coordinator
Mexico City, Mexico

Diego coordinates the Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues (EMSD) activities in Mexico, and other Latin American countries, with a focus on the Emerging Market Multinationals (EMM) Network for Sustainability and the Economic Policy Forum (EPF). Throughout his professional career he has worked ...

John Hauert

Advisor – Sustainable Economic Policy
Berlin, Germany

John works with the Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues (EMSD) programme management on monitoring, communication, and strategic projects. He also works on the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, the Economic Policy Forum (EPF), and sustainable mining with the Emerging Market Multinationals (EMM) ...

Manuel Frederik Holtmann

Advisor – Sustainable Economic Policy
Eschborn, Germany

Manuel joined the Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues (EMSD) program as an Advisor in November 2018. Previously, Manuel was seconded to the office of Federal President Horst Koehler. In this function, he was advising on mainstreaming the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, on Chinese ...

Simone Teichert

Finance Manager
Berlin, Germany

Simone is responsible for financial, contract and administrative management of the Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues (EMSD) Programme. She has been working for GIZ in different projects in the fields of environmental management and policy, energy and human capacity development in Latin ...

Mariya Ivato-Kolodziejski

Finance Manager
Eschborn, Germany

Mariya Ivato-Kolodziejski is a controller in the GIZ programme “Emerging Market and Sustainability Dialogues” (EMSD) and responsible for the financial management as well as for the contract management. She works closely with the programme manager, adviser team, GIZ areas, external experts and ...

Heike Funck

Office Manager
Eschborn, Germany

As the Office Manager of the Emerging Market and Sustainability Dialogues (EMSD) Programme, Heike is responsible for the administrative and back-office procedures. Before joining EMSD, Heike worked as legal assistant for an international law firm. Furthermore, she has lived, studied and worked in ...

Zhou Yiqi

Project Manager – Sustainable Business Solutions
Beijing, China

Yiqi is project manager of the Emerging Market Multinationals (EMM) Network for Sustainability and the Economic Policy Forum (EPF). Prior to her current role, Yiqi worked for the Sino-German Quality Infrastructure Project of GIZ China. Before joining GIZ in 2014, she was Senior Manager of China’s ...

Patrick Züll

Project Assistant
Berlin, Germany

Patrick holds a master degree in Public Economics, Law and Politics from the Leuphana University of Lüneburg. His scientific interests are focused on sustainable transformation processes, especially economic strategies, sustainable business models, alternative policy tools and legal basics ...

Kevin Schmidt

Project Assistant
Beijing, China

Kevin holds a master's degree in Chinese politics from the Renmin University of China. During his studies, he intensively dealt with China's development aid in Africa. He currently pursues a master's degree in political science at the University of Cologne, where he focuses on EU-China relations. ...

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EMSD Director

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