Cinderella von Dungern

Cinderella works for the GIZ as China coordinator for the Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues Programme. She has rooted her professional career in the finance sector. She studied business administration with a major in banking and finance at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). During her doctoral studies at the same university she worked as research assistant and lecturer for East-Asia Sciences with a focus on intercultural management and economic systems comparisons.

After her Doctorate on China’s banking system, Cinderella worked for a Swiss private bank and followed by a position for the business federation Economiesuisse in Zurich in the area of fiscal policy. Subsequently, she worked in the consulting business for financial services and strategic issue management. Her interest in primary sector industries led her into the railway and logistics sector, where she became CFO of a medium sized family owned company. In the past years Cinderella has worked as consultant for capacity building, controlling and change management in the agricultural, retail, banking and tertiary sector.